Monday, August 11, 2014

city rush

Even though I'm a (working from home) mom I do have some "serious business" clothes in my closet and that's because I'm constanly on meetings since I started working as a network content creator.
I love the feeling of a city in a rush! That's why I would love to live in NY; Takings cabs to anywhere, having breakfast/lunch/dinner at fancy restaurants and basically using my home as a hotel....Oh what a dream!
Sometimes I'm all day going from meetings to personal engagements, eating outside with the hubs and what not and I feel empowered to do all my pendings for the entire week...thats how much I NEED that rush! Is just part of me.
What about you? What makes you feel empowered? What inspire you to go on?

H&M dress / LUICHINY heels (SIMILAR HERE) / LOUIS VUITTON international wallet / DOLCE & GABBANA sunglasses (SIMILAR HERE) / ASOS bracelets & rings

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