Monday, September 29, 2014

Orange is my new black

Season changes means new stuff in our closets, right? Which also stands for new bag! Everything inside my F/W investment bag are completely fall must haves! This Hermès Kelly bag can fit everything inside; it may not look like that but it does! I've been carrying around my beloved since last week and I'm pretty sure is my favorite bag from all time (not just for f/w) is a medium size but as you can see all my needs are in there, happy and with free space. It also has a convenient lock and key for those who travel a lot.
This bag may not be in everyone's budget but if you're trying to find a good quality, timeless and efficient bag, this one is for you. They come in different colors but somehow the orange one (which is more colored brick) captivated my eyes, so I have to get it! And by the way this is the olny orange thing that I've ever loved - like I said in -this- instagram post.
In other stories, I just wanted to let you know that I've been working a lot, trying to make my blog a little more consistent and high quality for you (Also, because I love what I do) and so far I've partner it up with a couple of brands that I just can't tell you about them yet but in a couple of weeks you will definitelly see the changes in here.
Anyways you guys, this post was meant to tell you that but I also because wanted to share with you my essentials, Just in case you were wondering what kind of things I have on my purse.

(LG Phone Charger / LG Phone / NIKON D3100 Charger / NIKON Coolpix)
(LOUIS VUITTON International Wallet)
(M.A.C Pressed Powder N70 / M.A.C Ruby Woo lipstick)
(HERMÈS Kelly bag / DOLCE GABBANA sunglasses / DIOR J'adore travel bottle / MICHAEL KORS watch)


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