Friday, September 12, 2014


I've been wanting to upload a blog post since a really long time but I'm still struggling with internet conecctions and what not. I'm seriously upset with it because I freaking hate starting something and not being aviable to keep doing it as I want to.
Anyways, life hasn't changed a lot since my last post; The old same routine every day and I'm starting to feel more like a zombie/robot with no expectations about life. So I said enough with this mental crap (about three times before the "real" one) and I went for a little "tourist" walk on my town. I don't frequent these kind of places as much I want to, so for me every time I go there they seem to be a little different and is kind of like a mind re-freshner.
One of the things that I'm impressed by are there reading booths that I found during my walk, is the first time I see something like that in my city, because people aren't used to this kind of stuff; Most of  the time those books would have end up in the trash or stollen (what a shame!) but is the truth!
I love my country/state/city for so many reason but not for the lack of cultural teaching and interest of the people; The conception of art and cultural leraning are not in the customs of most of the families in here. There are a few groups in my town that are trying to improve this, and I think that this is a great begining...Let's hope for the best!

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