Thursday, October 16, 2014

state of mind

Just when I think my schedule is perfectly planned, something happens! 
Lately I've been extremely busy with new projects, like I told you in my last post -here- (Some of them are for the blog and the others are for my youtube channel #fabitapunk); Which is absolutely amazing, but it kind of makes me feel anxious and scared of not being available to accomplish them all.
Aside of my web life (as some of you may know) in my real life I'm a professional chef; I don't work at a restaurant but I own a bakery shop #KawaiiShopMx and fortunately we're doing great right now, which means a lot of time spent in the kitchen.
Also, in other news recently I was hired by a model agency in my city and that means I'm going to be traveling a little bit more. Actually, this is great for the blog, because I'll be uploading more artistic pictures and I'm extremely excited for that, I love photography!
And last but not least, I was hired by a modeling school to teach little girls "how to model" and secrets of the runway. This opportunity came for the great response of you (my readers) at my blog and I have to thank you for keeping me busy with the thinks that I love.
Now you can understand my mental state about all of this, and why I'm not jumping around all of the sudden, this is serious business and a lot of responsibility over my shoulders.

(ZARA jeans &blouse / ÒE purse / FRANCO SARTO sandals / D&G sunglasses / MK watch)


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