Saturday, February 7, 2015


Well Hello there! I know it's been a while since I uploaded something here but as always my life is extremely busy and a lot of good things keeps happening sooo...I'm sorry!? 
Anyways, I'm glad to be back on the blog because I have a lot of things to say and I don't care if no one read my posts but for me it's a good way to keep me's like my diary.
These pictures were taken last year (WHAT!?) and they were waiting in my "soon to edit" folder in my computer (Actually my parents computer because mine is still broken #WTF) like so many others -coming soon-  to the blog. 
This look is basically what I use when I'm going to work on my computer all day or I'm going to a flash meeting at starbucks; A basic (black) top & skinny jeans are my "ready to go" picks, I paired them with flats or some flat shoes like my "always there" birkenstocks, spadrilles, etc, but sometimes I add  heels to make it look more pulled together...What can I say!? I'm a jeans & t-shirt kind of girl!
In other news, a lot of good things are happening for the blog but I still can't tell you about it yet, you'll have to keep reading my posts for more info coming soon; Also, I now have a facebook page for the blog and if you have time to go there and give it a like I would appreciate it  -HERE- and if you do, let me know in the comments.

(ZARA top / MANGO jeans / LUICHINY heels / MONT BLANC messenger bag / D&G sunglasses / MK watch)


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